Sustainability Assessment of Nuclear Power: An Integrated Approach

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Scenario Sustainability Assessment Tool (SSAT)

A spreadsheet tool for the estimation of full life cycle sustainability impacts (techno-economic, environmental and social) of future UK electricity scenarios.

SSAT overview

With the Scenario Sustainability Assessment Tool (SSAT), users can estimate the techno-economic, environmental and social impacts of potential future electricity mixes for the UK. The technologies currently available in SSAT are coal (with and without carbon capture and storage), natural gas, nuclear, offshore wind, domestic-scale solar PV and large-scale biomass.

The user-defined electricity scenarios can be compared in terms of 37 sustainability indicators (13 techno-economic, 10 environmental and 14 social) addressing issues such as levelised cost, carbon footprint, acidification, employment, large accident fatalities and energy security. This broad range of indicators allows identification of sustainability trade-offs between different scenarios.

The accompanying guidance document provides an overview of how to use SSAT.

SPRIng SSAT files available for download:
SPRIng SSAT Tool [1,626 KB] (Last updated: 18 December 2013)
Download the latest SPRIng SSAT tool here. This link will take you to a registration form that will have to be completed in order to download the SPRIng SSAT tool.
SPRIng SSAT Manual [697 KB] (Last updated: 18 December 2013)
A comprehensive user guide for the SPRIng SSAT tool is available to download here. To save a copy to your computer right click the link and select "Save As...".

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