Sustainability Assessment of Nuclear Power: An Integrated Approach

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SPRIng Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (SPRIng MCDA)

The SPRIng MCDA tool comprises two MCDA models: TOPSIS and Fuzzy AHP. It has been developed within the MATLAB platform. Please read the Installation Readme file before attempting to run the tool.

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The SPRIng MCDA tool is available free of charge only for non-profit making applications. These include research activities and the use of the tool by commercial organisations to assess their operations and activities but excludes the use by consulting and other organisations purely for the purposes of revenue generation (e.g. through consulting services). By ticking this box you confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions.
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SPRing MCDA Tool [4,480 KB]
An MCDA decision-support tool for identifying sustainable electricity options based on different sustainability criteria and decision-makers’ preferences.

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